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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What kind of wood is your furniture made of?

All of our pieces are handcrafted in Okotoks, Alberta with a mix of locally sourced reclaimed and new lumber. The wood is a mix of fir, spruce and pine. When choosing the lumber for your piece of furniture, we carefully select the nicest wood grain to complement the stain or paint colour of your furniture. 

Q: How long does it take from ordering until receiving our new furniture?

Our production time varies. As soon as we receive your signed paperwork and 50% deposit, we will add your project to our list. Feel free to ask what our ETA is when inquiring about your furniture. 

Q: Why do you use new lumber?

First and foremost, what lends salvaged wood its character and timeworn charm also makes it more vulnerable. The cracks and knots in its planks, as beautiful as they may be, might not be as solid as new lumber when it comes to structural integrity. We want to give you a piece of furniture that will last decades to come and thus not waste more wood on a replacement, therefore it is necessary to use some new solid wood.

Also, we need to bear in mind that using too much salvaged lumber would lend to a style that might look too busy. We do not want saw marks, knots and cracks to overcrowd the surfaces of the furniture. Also, we need to bear in mind that using too much salvaged lumber would give for a style that might look too busy: we do not want saw marks, knots and cracks to overcrowd the surfaces of the furniture. 

Q: What kind of new wood do you choose?

This is a very important matter, since it has a tremendous impact on our ecological footprint. Essentially, all of our new lumber is locally sourced in the Foothills. What’s more, it is milled locally in the Rocky View County using a mill that was used in the early 1900’s. This achieves the look and feel of an authentic 100-year-old plank.
So yes, we are proud to say that we use new lumber. Beautiful and carefully selected, locally sourced new lumber. 

Q: Is the furniture sealed?

Yes! We finish our furniture with 6 coats of a high quality varnish to achieve a long-lasting, user-friendly finish. This means that the wood is totally sealed and will not stain if something is spilled on it. It is easy to clean with a wet cloth and gentle dish soap. If someone happens make a deep scratch in it, we always give our clients some touch-up stain. That being said, as this is reclaimed wood furniture, aging does add to the patina.

Q: If the dimensions or options on the website do not fit my space, can you customize it?

Absolutely! All pieces can be customized to suit your distinct space. Therefore, dimensions can certainly be adjusted for you. We can even create a new piece according to your needs from any of our collections. Just let us know your preferred style, dimensions and options. We will be happy to send you a drawing and a quote for it.

Q: Do you have any in-stock furniture or are they made to order?

Besides what is in our SALE section, all pieces are made to order. This allows everyone to choose the perfect style, size, options and colour for their space.