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Château Trestle Dining Table

Inspired by 18th-century French monastery tables, our Château Trestle dining table is expertly crafted from solid wood. Our tables are made of Alberta reclaimed and new lumber, the perfect medium to invite nature and history inside your home.

Extending Table

Stain Colours

None Salvage Natural +10% Barn Side Willow Barn Side Willow (Matte) +5% Elder Berry Elder Berry (Matte) +5% Weathered Driftwood (Matte) +15% Glazed Walnut Glazed Walnut (Matte) +5% Sunset Grey Light Rustic Cinnamon Rustic Cinnamon Aged Barrel (Matte) +5% Weathered Clay Grey (Matte) Barn Grey Pewter Grey Antique Expresso Charcoal Black Weathered Charcoal Black (Matte) +15% Raw Reclaimed (may not be available on certain items) +15%

Paint Colours

None Iron Mountain Clay Grey Sterling White Antique White Weathered White (Matte) +15% Cape Cod Blue Barn Red Garden Green Federal Blue

Everything we make can be customized to suit your needs!
Ask us for more details. We will be happy to help.


Custom sizes and configuration available

Château Trestle Dining Table
Also available with permanent overhang option to allow end seating without adding leaves.
Extra small: W 38″ L 62″
(space between posts 44″)
Small: W 38″ L 77″
(space between posts 59″)
Medium: W 42″ L 87″
(space between posts 69″)
Large: W 42″ L 97″
(space between posts 79″)
Grande: W 48″ L 120″ $4595


Extending Table
Extra small &
small table:
Set of 2 leaves of 10″ +$515
Small table: Set of 2 leaves of 20″ +$765
Medium & large tables: Set of 2 leaves of 10″ +$535
Medium & large tables: Set of 2 leaves of 20″ +$795
Grande table: Set of 2 leaves of 10″ +$595
Grande table: Set of 2 leaves of 20″ +$895

Custom sizes available
Wood swatches are available for $15 each. We will provide a refund or credit on your purchase for swatches returned in good condition within 30 days.