Use your walls’ potential for storage and decor with our versatile shelves, which will dress up your room while freeing floor space. Each of these rustic shelves features a spacious open design and shows the lumber’s natural knots, letting you create your very own one-of-a-kind wall design.

Accessories Available. Please contact us for more info!

Stain Colours

Paint Colours

Everything we make can be customized to suit your needs!
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Custom sizes and configuration available

Wooden Shelf
Various sizes are available.
Raw reclaimed wood may be available depending on sizes.
Option 1:
Solid Wood Beam Shelf
Small: W 36″ D 6″ T 4″ $215
Medium: W 48″ D 6″ T 4″ $235
Large: W 60″ D 6″ T 4″ $270
Option 2:
Solid Wood Shelf
Small: W 36″ D 10″ T 1″ $165
Medium: W 48″ D 10″ T 1″ $175
Large: W 60″ D 10″ T 1″ $215
Metal support: $65 each
Hanging double hook: $15 each